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Yoerg Brewing Company
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We celebrate Oktoberfest for the entire month of September.  It stretches the celebration out a bit (and keeps us from getting too crowded).  We have the largest selection of German Festbiers in the Midwest (three from legendary Monasteries).  All of them from small, artisanal producers (with centuries of experience) that you won't find elsewhere.   We pair them with the two Festbiers we have produced this year and will be rotating at least 4 of the German festbiers listed below on tap at one time with at least one of ours.  Classic German Oktoberfest Music will be played morning til' night for the entire month, with 100 years of Munich's legendary Beer Festival on our screens the entire time.

Andechs, Germany     
Founded in 1445

Aying, Germany     
Founded in 1856

Ettal, Germany     
Founded in 1330

Regensburg, Germany     
Founded in 1649

Freising, Germany     
Founded in 1160

Traunstein, Germany   
Founded in 1612

Nuremberg, Germany     
Founded in 1697

Kelheim, Germany     
Founded in 1050

Minnesota's first commercial brewery, the Yoerg Brewing Company was founded ten years before Minnesota became a state in 1848. It was one of the cornerstone businesses that helped build the city of Saint Paul.  Anthony Yoerg was the first in the Midwest to produce his beers Bavarian style (in caves along the Mississippi River downtown Saint Paul) and they were the main reason Saint Paul breweries were as revered as those from Milwaukee and St. Louis before Prohibition. The brewery closed in 1952 when the last surviving Yoerg son passed away and the brewery was destroyed by a historic flood.  In  2016 The Yoerg Company was brought back to life, and here is their story.

We have just added four of the rarest, finest Rieslings that Germany has to offer to our permanent wine list.  Each domaine a legend the world over.  All four are Semi-Dry (with the Battenfeld-Spanier being a 'Trocken', which is bone dry).  All four are extremely rare, and an absolute treat to taste.  We highly recommend the Country Pate or Smoked Trout Spread as an accompanyment.

2019 Riesling Estate "Rheinhessen" Trocken
Rheinhessen, Germany

2015 Riesling Estate "Pfalz"

Pfalz, Germany

2018 Riesling Estate "Mosel River" Monopol

Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany

2019 Riesling Estate "Nahe Valley"

Nahe Valley, Germany


A visit to the Yoerg Brewing Company is like taking a Time Machine back to the 1940s and '50s when the local 'Saloon' was the 'Cat's Meow'.   Located on the Dayton's Bluff hillside just outside of Lowertown, The Yoerg Brewing Company has returned.  We are brewing the legendary Yoerg Beers on premise as well as working with some of the finest, and rarest Old World European Breweries (in many instances, Yoerg is the only place serving their beers in the Midwest).  A superb wine by the glass program with 16 unique, artisan wines under $8.00 a glass.  We also have a splendid food menu of old world treats;  Bratwursts from the legendary Usinger's in Milwaukee, a wonderful selection of pub pizzas, cheese and charcuterie plates, pickled eggs,  soft Bavarian pretzels, Dutch Pretzels (hand rolled) and an atmosphere unmatched in the city.   We've been called "the most photographic" pub in the Twin Cities for good reason.  There really is nothing else like it.


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