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Yoerg Brewing Company
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Owner Thomas Keim has been teaching Wine Classes for 37 years, and we have now finally started doing Wine Seminars once a month.  Space is very limited until next door opens (hoping late June?) so if you are interested, act fast as we only have 16 seats available for each seminar.

FOR TICKETS: Please contact Thomas Keim at

WHERE: Yoerg Brewery
WHEN: September 27th, Tuesday
7:00pm to 9:00pm

The lineage of old ales dates back 400 years to just after the adoption of hops in England. The island brewers had finally come around to that bitter herb continental brewers had been using to preserve their ales, but it took them a long time. Until they started using hops, beer didn't last.

Over the centuries, British brewers have made a variety of different strong beers that could, as a group, be called old ales, and there are very few breweries still producing these grand ales that can age for 30 years plus.

We will be tasting ten "Old Ales" (between 15 and 25 years of age) from the most historic breweries on the Islands, discussing their illustrious history and amazing uniqueness.

$50.00 per person (includes tax & gratuity)


    our facebook page